Upgrade from Laravel 4 to Laravel 5 - must know

Before you move to Laravel 5 there are few things you need to keep in mind:

  • You wont find that many third-party packages as you may find for Laravel 4

  • Most of the packages might be just forced-upgraded to Laravel 5 not Laravel 5 style

  • Your boss/client might not like you working with a new release

  • Even Laravel 5 is not so new on github you will find its code structure and big parts of core changed from 4th version

  • You wont have any other folders in config/ folder, only config files

  • Eloquent no longer provides the remember method for caching queries

  • Blade comments with {{-- will no longer work.

  • You can't publish assets from packages based on their type, with Laravel 5 you publish all package's assets at the same time

  • The Remote component has been deprecated.

  • The Workbench component has been deprecated.

Here you will find the full Laravel 5 upgrade guide.

Check here what you will find new in Laravel 5.

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