New in Laravel 5

Since Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way announced Laravel 4.3 (later 5) release in November 2014 everyone was eager to work with it and I know a lot of people already starting project using it since September, others even since August 2014.

But the wait is over now and Laravel 5 is finally out. What you will need the most is to watch this free introduction series to Laravel 5 from Laracasts: Laravel 5 Fundamentals and I highly suggest buy Jeffrey Way's launch once a month.

I also have some forks on github which I hope you may find useful:

Laravel 5 Activity Log - works for SaaS apps as well

Laravel 5 API docs with Swagger

Mandril wrapper for Laravel 5

API Oauth2 for Laravel 5

PHP League Fractal for Laravel 5

Check this post if you still have doubts on upgrading from Laravel 4 to Laravel 5.

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