Wardrobe CMS - Blogging made simple

There are a lot of blogging tools available but if you are a Laravel fanatic as I am, I suggest you use [Wardrobe CMS] (http://www.wardrobecms.com) which stands for "Minimal Blogging Application". And it really is.

Wardrobe attempts to make blogging simple and enjoyable by utilizing the latest technologies and keeping the administration as simple as possible with the primary focus on writing.

What I like most of it, is the simplicity of installation, configuration and the code it self which is case study.


One step:

create-project wardrobe/wardrobe    


Laravel-like configuration, update next files with your blog details:


Permission settings:

chmod -R 777 app/storage
chmod 777 public/img    


Go to yourdomain .com/install, complete all the steps and you are ready to go.

First post

Go to yourdomain.com/wardrobe to access admin area.

Boom! That's all.

Links I find interesting to get the most of Wardrobe CMS :

  1. Wardrobe CMS Official Docs
  2. PHP Markdown Extra
  3. Wardrobe Disqus
  4. Wardrobe Themes based on Bootstrap Update

As you can imagine, I am using Wardrobe on this blog so if you have any questions about it, let me know in comments section or check my Contact page.

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